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Programs and Services

Buena Vision is a voluntary organization that provides free screening at school, searching for anisometropias and ambliopias at early age with the propose of recovering lost vision and preventing blindness. As result of this early diagnostic and follow up we are improving the learning abilities of the students affected by eye diseases and providing achievements  of a healthy vision via preservation of vision, prevention of blindness and preventive global medicine.

School Evaluation

Screening of vision and eye fundus Examine in grades kindergarten to six of public and private school in Latin America.

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The nurses, social workers, school directors, teachers, and myself all work together to evaluate and provide screening to every student in a non-invasive manner,

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Eye Health

Public education trough classes of preventable consequences of eye diseases in children, anisometropias, ambliopias and trauma in children and cataracts,

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Calendar of Events

July 2014. (Escuela Campo Verdes. Benito Juarez Argentina).
Cataracts and Glaucoma discussion: grupo de Tercera Edad Benito Juarez

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Public Education and Awareness

Doctor Castellanos de DeCain and colleagues work in providing public classes of the most important preventable eye diseases. These diseases are easily detected by the work of 011-011-202-256-7639 and with treatment and follow up the lost vision can be revert avoiding permanent unnecessary loss of Vision in children and adults.


La Ambliopia o “ojo haragan” es la disminucion severa o perdida permanente de la vision de un ojo. Puede ocurrir en ninos cuando los ojos no tienen vision equivalente

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Es la opacidad del cristalino o lente medio, la cual dificultad o bloquea el paso de la luz hacia la retina entorpeciendo la vision.Las cataratas son extremadamente

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Es una afeccion, caracterizada por aumento de la presion ocular, la cual no controlada en forma temprana puede conducir a la pérdida de la vision.

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Macular Degeration

La Degeneracion Macular es una enfermedad que causa disminucion de la vision central, es indolora y mas frecuente despues de los 60 anios de edad, siendo

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Maria Gema Castellanos de DeCain, MD

Av. Constitucion 119. ( Constitucion needs accent in the second o)

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Buenos Aires. Argentina

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Mobile and What's App: 011-011-202-256-7639

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